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Our Leadership

Our Leadership

Columbus Regional Health is led by President and CEO Scott Hill, along with an experienced team of senior health care leaders.

  • Scott Hill Picture

    Scott Hill

    President and Chief Executive Officer

    Columbus Regional Health

  • Renee Archer Picture

    Renee Archer

    Chief Compliance Officer

    Columbus Regional Health

  • Oliver Banta Picture

    Oliver Banta

    Vice President and Chief Information Officer

    Columbus Regional Health

  • William Brouwer Picture

    William Brouwer

    President and Chief Executive Officer

    Columbus Regional Medical Group

  • Cary Burcham Picture

    Cary Burcham

    Senior Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer

    Columbus Regional Health

  • Allen Butcher Picture

    Allen Butcher

    Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

    Columbus Regional Health

  • Ryan Chandler Picture

    Ryan Chandler

    President - Hospital Operations

    Executive Vice President / Chief Operating Officer - Columbus Regional Health

  • Douglas Colburn Picture

    Douglas Colburn

    Senior Vice President of Operations

    Midtown Medical Center / Columbus Regional Health

  • Laura Drew Picture

    Laura Drew

    Senior Vice President of Operations and Quality

    Columbus Regional Health

  • Scott Hannay, M.D. Picture

    Scott Hannay, M.D.

    Chief Medical Officer

    Midtown Medical Center

  • D. Wayne Joiner Picture

    D. Wayne Joiner

    Senior Vice President, Human Resources

    Columbus Regional Health

  • Aline Lasseter Picture

    Aline Lasseter


    Columbus Regional Health Foundation

  • John Sims Picture

    John Sims

    Executive Director, Spring Harbor at Green Island

    Columbus Regional Health

  • Tommy M. Stewart, M.D. Picture

    Tommy M. Stewart, M.D.

    Chief Medical Officer

    Northside Medical Center

  • Bill Tustin Picture

    Bill Tustin

    Vice President, Oncology Services

    John B. Amos Cancer Center