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Columbus Regional Health is now Piedmont Columbus Regional

Columbus Regional Health is now Piedmont Columbus Regional
on February 28, 2018 in CRH

New name, new look but the same great spirit of caring that only we can provide for our community.

Despite uncertainty and disruption to our normal habits, change is often good for us. In the healthcare industry, successful organizations like ours have learned to be flexible and open to change as our business environment changes.  Over the past five years, Piedmont Columbus Regional has certainly faced those changes head-on and adjusted to them to build the strong organization we are today.

As the signage changes across our two campuses and eventually inside our facilities, we’ll become more and more aware that we’ve turned another page in the history of our organization.  The process of integrating more fully into the Piedmont family of hospitals has now begun.  It will be a thoroughly planned and well-communicated journey that will last many months as we take each step together and learn to work together as a single, focused healthcare system.

We have always put the best interests of our patients at the center of what we do at Columbus Regional Health. In 2016, this philosophy was at the heart of an evaluation process we used over the last two years to determine the best future direction for our organization. The idea of joining forces and partnering with another health system that had those same values and goals in mind is what led us to Piedmont Healthcare.

Fast forward two years and we are proud to welcome Piedmont Healthcare to Columbus, and we are proud to display the Piedmont Columbus Regional name.  Partnering with Piedmont will enable us to continue to offer the best healthcare available in the Chattahoochee Valley region. We look forward to enhancements in technology and advanced procedures that will carry us well into the future. The close alignment of the values and missions of our organizations was a natural fit. Because of the hard work that each of you has put into the success of our health system over the past five years, I have always believed our future is bright. I believed that then -- I certainly believe that now.

Since Piedmont Healthcare is a nonprofit health system, its structure and approach to the delivery of high-quality health care closely match that of Columbus Regional Health. With eight hospitals in North Georgia, over 100 physician practice locations and over 1,600 clinically integrated physicians throughout the state, Piedmont was the ideal partner that shared many of our core beliefs and functions.

On March 1, Columbus Regional’s two hospitals became the ninth and tenth in the Piedmont family. Strategic selection of closely aligned potential partners has enabled Piedmont to grow in a healthy way, not just for the sake of overall growth, but to enable it to offer enhanced services in the communities it serves.

Piedmont extends this same philosophy to its employees also. Benefits programs at other Piedmont facilities are comparable to those of Columbus Regional Health and Piedmont ensures that they offer competitive market-based salaries and career progression opportunities.  As we’ve often commented in meetings with employees and leaders, this partnership makes sense and was done the right way.

Changes will come in our future; we will embrace them and move forward together. We’ve grown accustomed to changes over the past five years and have benefited from them as an organization. We’re stronger today than we’ve ever been in the past, and I’m encouraged and excited about our future as Piedmont Columbus Regional. I know that each of you will play a key role in our continued success moving forward. I believe deeply in our new purpose to make a positive difference in every life we touch. I know you do also.

Welcome to the new Piedmont Columbus Regional— welcome to the future!

Click here to learn more about the ribbon cutting and sign unveiling on March 1 at the Piedmont Columbus Regional Midtown Campus.

-Scott Hill 

Piedmont Columbus Regional CEO