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CRH Partners with the National Stroke Association

CRH Partners with the National Stroke Association
on July 13, 2017 in Wellness | Stroke | CRH

Columbus Regional Health (CRH) has partnered with the National Stroke Association to bring stroke awareness to Columbus. The partnership is implementing the FAST Program, which aims to teach adults in the area tips on recognizing the symptoms of a stroke, and educating them on what a stroke really is.

The program began with a misconception that many adults share about strokes: they are a heart condition which only affects the elderly. The truth is, a stroke is a condition where blood flow to the brain has stopped, usually because of a clot – and it can happen to anyone at any age. As a matter of fact, strokes in Americans younger than 45 are on the rise. Currently, Midtown Medical Center is the only stroke center in the region with the technology to remove clots from the brain, saving their patients from further brain damage caused by a stroke.

The FAST Program will attempt to reach at least 250 members of the community by December 1. The program will take place in the form of multiple educational seminars that will provide a concise curriculum to participants, who will be tested on their knowledge at the end of the informational session.

CRH is committed to providing the best healthcare to the community, and part of healthcare means being proactive. CRH employees are dedicated to coming to your organization, church or business to provide this opportunity. By educating the community on recognizing the signs and symptoms of a stroke, countless lives may be saved as their medical condition can be treated more quickly. For more information or to request an educational seminar, please contact Melonese Close at