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Inaugural class of nearly 60 graduate from Vizient Nurse Residency Program

Inaugural class of nearly 60 graduate from Vizient Nurse Residency Program
on June 4, 2018 in CRH | Nurses

The inaugural class in our Vizient Nurse Residency Program (NRP) have graduated and were recognized in a ceremony at our Midtown Campus. Nearly 60 residents completed their program and shared their evidence-based projects with our organization.

We partnered with the nationally-recognized Vizient Nurse Residency Program to offer a robust year of continued professional development for new nurse graduates. This 12-month program is designed for new nurses who have less than one year of professional experience as they transition into their first professional role in our healthcare system.

Built on evidence-based curriculum developed by experts from academic medical centers and nursing schools across the country, the program is designed with monthly seminar sessions that complement the nursing orientation process. The NRP is focused on the transition to competency and professionalism for the new graduate. Emphasizing leadership at the bedside, strengthening the professional role of nursing, and quality outcomes, the NRP concludes with an Evidence-Based Practice Project highlighting a research project the residents completed throughout their NRP year.

Trusted by more than 230 hospitals and health systems, Vizient NRP has served more than 73,000 nurse residents since 2002. This proven model promotes the engagement, development and retention of participants and PCR is proud to offer this program to our new nurse graduates.