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MMC becomes one of eight sites in the world for new research

MMC becomes one of eight sites in the world for new research
on March 31, 2017 in Diabetes Care | Children's Care

Endocrine Consultants, the largest endocrine and diabetes center in western Georgia, has partnered with IACTHealth and Piedmont Columbus Regional to conduct the TIGER study. The study will last two years, and test a new drug called golimunab that may increase the treatability of Type 1 diabetes in children.

After the onset of Type 1 diabetes, the patient enters the “honeymoon phase” and temporarily experiences symptom regression. The study will test the effects of golimunab in this phase, hopefully freezing the honeymoon phase and increasing ease of treatment.

Golimunab works by blocking antibodies from working against the beta cells. This will help the patient’s body maintain natural insulin levels. In this case, the patient would not have to receive insulin shots every day and that treatment of their condition would become much simpler.

Two of the patients in the TIGER study are local patients. Because of the research and growth of Endocrine Consultants over the past 21 years, Columbus is an ideal location for conducting the TIGER study. If the study goes well, Columbus will be a part of the revolution in treatment for Type 1 diabetes.