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From sports medicine to joint replacement to rehabilitation and recovery.

Orthopedics at Northside Medical Center.

Simply better care for your bones, joints, tendons, ligaments and muscles.

People from the Columbus, Georgia region and beyond seek out the leading-edge orthopedic care and treatment provided by the experienced orthopedic specialists who practice at Piedmont Columbus Regional Northside Campus. Thanks to a partnership between Piedmont Columbus Regional and the Hughston Clinic, these orthopedists—along with Piedmont Columbus  Regional Northside Campus’ rehabilitation staff—offer a full scope of treatment options for those suffering from bone, joint or ligament problems. Whether your orthopedic problem can be addressed with therapy and medication or needs to be treated with surgery and rehab, look no further than Piedmont Columbus Regional Northside Campus for the orthopedic care you need.

Orthopedics Services & Treatments

Comprehensive Orthopedic Care for Life


There are lots of reasons you might need an orthopedist at many times throughout your life. You may fall and break a bone, throw your shoulder out playing softball or simply wear down your knee as you age. Whatever your need, you find expert orthopedic care through Piedmont Columbus Regional, from childhood issues handled by our pediatric orthopedist, injuries that require the care of an orthopedic traumatologist or joint replacement from a fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeon.

Experience Counts


Orthopedics is a constantly evolving discipline, but one contemporary aspect of this ancient practice got its start locally. Dr. Jack Hughston is considered the father of sports medicine, and his legacy lives on here in the Columbus area. Hughston Clinic physicians perform surgeries at Piedmont Columbus Regional Northside Campus, a hospital founded by Dr. Hughston. Their training and experience benefit our patients directly in that the more a physician performs a procedure, the better the outcomes for patients. Experience breeds excellence.

State-of-the-Art Technology


Orthopedics is a highly technical surgical discipline that’s constantly changing. That’s why our surgeons are able to employ state-of-the-art equipment and techniques as they treat patients at Piedmont Columbus Regional Northside Campus. Operating rooms are configured so that doctors have everything they need at their disposal.

Five-Star Hospital


Piedmont Columbus Regional Northside Campus is one of three five-star hospitals in Georgia. It was also recently recognized as being among the top 10 percent of hospitals in the country with respect to patient safety. These accolades are born from a culture of doing what it takes to do things right. Our team is continually improving patient outcomes and the way orthopedic care takes place.



When surgery is necessary to treat your condition, our Inpatient Rehabilitation Center enables you to complete your recovery and begin rehab in the same facility where the procedure is performed. Our therapists help you recover and get home as soon as possible. And if you need additional rehab after discharge—or if your condition can be treated with therapy alone—Piedmont Columbus Regional has several conveniently located outpatient rehabilitation centers where you’ll find an experienced multi-disciplinary therapy team on hand to help you reach your rehab goals.

Special Areas of Orthopedic Care

Pediatric Orthopedics

Pediatric Orthopedics

Children have unique orthopedic needs. Our pediatric orthopedist, who sees patients at Piedmont Columbus Regional Midtown Campus, provides the specialized care required for the growing bones and muscles of children, from newborns to late teens.

Orthopedic Trauma

Orthopedic Trauma

When you experience a severe and sudden injury to some part of your musculoskeletal system, you need an orthopedic traumatologist. The only two orthopedic traumatologists in the region practice in the Emergency Trauma Center at Piedmont Columbus Regional Midtown Campus. 

Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine

Columbus is the birthplace of sports medicine. Ankle sprains, muscle strains, knee and shoulder injuries, tendonitis, concussions, stress fractures and other sports-related injuries are treated by trained specialists at Piedmont Columbus Regional Northside Campus.

Below is a list of some of the procedures we regularly perform. The high number of cases we handle directly correlates to improved outcomes for our patients.

Common Treatments

Total Knee Replacement

Arthroplasty, also known as knee replacement, is the resurfacing of a knee that has been damaged by arthritis or a severe injury.

Total Hip Replacement

For someone suffering because of arthritis or an injury, hip replacement (or hip arthroplasty) removes the damaged bone and cartilage, replacing it with prosthetic components.

Total Shoulder Replacement

Shoulder replacement surgery involves replacing the damaged end of the upper arm bone (humerus) and the shoulder (scapula) with artificial components.


Arthroscopy is a procedure that allows theorthopedist to obtain a closer look at a joint that is causing pain in order to diagnose and/or treat the problem more accurately.

ACL Reconstruction

ACL reconstruction is a knee surgery that repairs the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), the ligament that helps keep your shin bone (tibia) in place.

Rotator Cuff Repair

This refers to a procedure in which bone spurs and tendon fragments are removed from the shoulder area before the rotator cuff tendon is reattached to the upper arm bone (humerus).


When pressure on the upper or lower spine is causing pain, a laminectomy removes a small section of vertebra—the lamina—that covers the spinal cord. This procedure is also called spinal decompression surgery.

Lumbar Discectomy

When a herniated disc presses on the spinal column and causes pain, an orthopedist may perform this procedure to remove a portion of that herniated disc.

Spinal Fusion

When a spinal fracture or degenerative bone disease results in significant and ongoing pain, an orthopedic surgeon may perform spinal fusion, a procedure in which some of the bones in the spine (vertebrae) are fused together into a single, more stable bone.

Carpal Tunnel Surgery

If carpal tunnel syndrome—the compression of the median nerve in the wrist—is painful enough to restrict daily activities, an orthopedist may recommend this surgery to cut the transverse carpal ligament and alleviate pressure on the nerve.

Fracture Repair

If an external cast will not adequately help a broken bone to heal, a patient may need fracture repair, in which pins, plates, rods or screws are used to ensure that the fractured bone heals properly.

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