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Interventional Radiology

The Interventional Radiologists at Midtown Medical Center are skilled in the minimally invasive treatment of disease processes involving arteries, veins and many vital organs.

By using state-of-the-art equipment and imaging guidance, treatment is available without open surgery.  Interventional radiology techniques are generally less costly and traumatic to the patient than traditional surgical methods and often limit complications and shorten recovery times for a number of conditions. 

This clinical team at Midtown Medical Center is passionate about providing the highest level of care for patients in Columbus and surrounding areas to meet or exceed that of the best hospitals in the country. We are committed to seeing our patients in clinic before and after all major procedures. Our team of physicians, nurses and dedicated technologists provide 24-hour care for emergent interventions throughout the year. Patients can expect compassionate, quality healthcare from this clinical team, who performs more than 6,500 vascular and interventional cases each year. 

Please click here for a list of vascular and interventional radiology procedures offered.

To make an appointment with Vascular / Interventional Radiology, the patient's physicians should call (706) 571-1875.

To speak to someone about an already scheduled procedure, please call (706) 571-1875.