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PET Scan

The PET/CT scanner at Midtown Medical Center helps doctors detect disease in its early stages and monitor the progress of patients treatment. The GE Discovery STE scanner combines two kinds of imaging to give physicans complete information about the patient’s condition in a single exam that usually takes less than two hours. 

The Discovery STE is the latest system of its kind with advanced applications in oncology, neurology and cardiology. It combines computed tomography (CT), which provides highly detailed pictures of the patient’s anatomy, with positron emission tomography (PET), which gives a map showing normal and abnormal sites of cell function.

Advantages of this advanced technology include:

  • Determining more accurately the true extent of cancer spread and finding where the cancer started, so proper treatment can be given
  • Determining whether a treatment is working or needs to be changed, even before all the treatments have been given.
  • The acquired images can be sent from the PET/CT suite to the John B. Amos Cancer Center for review for radiation therapy.