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Simply better surgery is happening right where you live.

More board-qualified, board-certified surgeons than anywhere in the region.

That’s what you can expect at Piedmont Columbus Regional.

No matter what medical problem you have or which surgical procedure you need, you have high-tech, modern surgical options to choose from at Piedmont Columbus Regional, including advanced diagnostic technology and robotic surgeries options for more precise, less invasive procedures. Our board-qualified, board-certified surgeons perform a wide variety of surgeries across many service lines at Piedmont Columbus Regional Midtown Campus and Piedmont Columbus Regional Northside Campus for both adult and pediatric patients in the Columbus, Georgia region.

Piedmont Columbus Regional Surgery At-A-Glance

22 Operating Rooms

22 Operating Rooms

10 full-service rooms and one urology room at both Piedmont Columbus Regional Midtown Campus and Piedmont Columbus Regional Midtown Campus. The region’s only endovascular hybrid suite is found at Piedmont Columbus Regional Midtown Campus.

Robotic Surgery Options

Robotic Surgery Options

The da Vinci® surgical robot makes minimally invasive procedures and reduced recovery times possible. With our Zeego radiographic robot, patients can undergo diagnostic imaging and receive treatment on the same day without delay.

Expertise and Experience

Expertise and Experience

All our surgeons are board certified or board qualified in their respective specialties, meaning they have been performing specific procedures for at least 3-5 years. And we have the only dedicated thoracic surgeon in the region.

Expert Surgical Care


All the surgeons at Piedmont Columbus Regional work within a multi- disciplinary team that includes surgeons, nurses and anesthesiologists who specialize in the surgeries they perform. Our surgeons are making incredible advances in surgical care. From neurology to thoracic to urologic and general procedures, our surgeons practice the kind of leading edge medicine you’d only expect to find at big city medical centers. In fact, the region’s only dedicated thoracic surgeon operates at Piedmont Columbus Regional Midtown Campus.

Leading-Edge Technology


In addition to robot-assisted surgical units, our hospitals have several C-arm imaging units at both our Piedmont Columbus Regional Midtown Campus and Piedmont Columbus Regional Northside Campus. The C-arm provides real-time X-ray imaging, which enables more accurate surgeries, especially for cases of orthopedic trauma. Piedmont Columbus Regional Midtown Campus also has an O-arm, which allows neurosurgeons to perform delicate spinal and cranial procedures. Plus, all our rooms are fully integrated for audio and visual. Moving images and sounds can be recorded, allowing patients and physicians alike to have a clearer picture of any given situation.

Hybrid Operating Room


Piedmont Columbus Regional also has the region’s only endovascular hybrid OR at Piedmont Columbus Regional Midtown Campus. This suite, which is equipped with the Zeego radiographic robot, can be transformed into a OR at a moment’s notice. That means if a surgeon performing an endovascular procedure suddenly discovers the immediate need for surgery, it can happen within seconds, without having to transport the patient into another room.

da Vinci® Robot-Assisted Surgery


The da Vinci® robotic surgical system allows our experienced surgeons to use their training and expertise to offer surgical options to patients that are more precise and less invasive. This robot-assisted surgical system is used for general surgery as well as by our gynecologic, thoracic and urological surgeons with great success. Piedmont Columbus Regional is the only facility in the area that can perform a prostatectomy using this device.

Artis Zeego Robotic Imaging


The Artis Zeego imaging system, an important part of our hybrid operating room, is the only one of its kind in the region. This cutting- edge technology allows our surgeons and specialists to direct imaging radiation at a patient very precisely during a procedure. If surgery is needed, the Zeego is flexible enough to be moved out of the way quickly, allowing the surgeon to operate almost immediately.

Below is a list of the procedures that are commonly performed in one of our operating rooms at Northside Medical Center and Midtown Medical Center.

What surgeries are performed at Piedmont Columbus Regional?

Reconstructive Surgery

General Surgery

Pediatric Orthopedic Surgery

Minimally Invasive Surgery

Breast Surgery

Orthopedic Trauma 

Weight-Loss (Bariatric) Surgery

Colorectal Surgery

Pediatric Orthopedic Trauma and Spine Surgery

Robotic Surgery

Ophthalmologic Surgery

Plastic Surgery

Thoracic Surgery

Ear, Nose and Throat Surgery

Trauma Surgery

Gynecologic Surgery

Podiatric Surgery

Vascular Surgery

Urologic Surgery

Orthopedic Surgery

O-arm Diagnostic Imaging

O-arm Diagnostic Imaging

This system works like a single-slice CT scanner. It allows for precise robotic positioning and real-time scans during neurosurgery and other procedures.

C-arm Diagnostic Imaging

C-arm Diagnostic Imaging

A flexible diagnostic imaging tool that enables incredible 2D and 3D images from many different aspects and positions. Both Midtown and Northside have several of these units.

What makes Piedmont Columbus Regional different?



The one and only facility in the area that can perform prostatectomies with a da Vinci surgical robot.

Myotomy and Hernias

Myotomy and Hernias

First surgeon in Georgia to perform robot- assisted surgery for hernia removals and other abdominal surgeries.

Thoracic Oncology

Thoracic Oncology

The region’s one and only dedicated thoracic surgeon is at Piedmont Columbus Regional.

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